Thursday, 4 July 2013

Oversized Jumpers, Ariana Grande and Going Scissor Happy

So, lately everyone has been going on about how not being mainstream is being too mainstream. that hurt your head?

Yeah me too.

Although to me fashion isn't about being 'in style' and it's more about being comfy in what I wear, the comfy option seems to have come into fashion lately and I'm LOVING it.

here are a few of the things I've been loving lately.

Since Christmas of 2011. Yes, that long. Aztec patterns and oversized Jumpers have made a massive comeback and they are still  in nearly every shop I look in today. wear them with tights, leggings, shorts or skinnys, they suit near enough everyone and are perfect for when the days/nights get cold.

Floral Prints have also been a big thing over the past few years, mostly appealing to the girlie girls who love wearing frilly dresses with cute floral prints just like the beautiful Ariana Grande. 

Who performed 'The Way' from her Debut Album on Ellen in a gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana Floral Print Strapless Dress. Regardless of the Media she's been getting lately for her weight, she is an absolute stunner who looks beautiful as ever in that dress.

Another thing to add to my every growing list is Shredded Shorts. I think they look absolutely amazing.

And if you don't want to spend that much money on shorts then you can always go scissor happy and take an old pair of jeans and cut them up. 

That's it for this post but as my list grows hopefully so will this blog. 


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