Monday, 8 July 2013

A Girls Mind: Dare You Enter?!

As the name of this Blog states. I'm just another teen writing a random Blog about Fashion and other stuff and with me being a teenager I go through the addiction known as *Fangirling* and I 'Fangirl' over certain things, like celebrities, clothes, jewellery, make up and other junk.

So if you've ever wondered what a teenage girl's brain is like then here's a bit of an insight.

lets just take a second before we delve into what can be considered the most dangerous place know to man, apart from the inside of  girls purse. The things us girls think about can sometimes be confusing and even to us so things aren't always going to make sense no matter what.

Inside the stereotypical girls mind could be:

But not all of this is true.

Yes girls sometimes think about make up, shoes, nail varnish and the occasional topless werewolf but not always, and not all girls try to impress boys because they play COD. 

Personally I think COD is rubbish, but the difference is, I made that opinion based on the fact that I actually enjoy gaming and not just so that a guy thinks I'm cool.

too all the girls who may be reading this, if you play games because you enjoy it then good for you but do not call yourself a gamer when you only play a game to impress a lad!!! 
Just saying because it makes the genuine girl players to look like wanna-be's, which is a bunch of bull.

Another thing girls tend to be into is fantasy, and no I don't mean Twilight or True Blood (well maybe a little) but coming from experience, the things I love is Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Elementary, Dexter and also like A LOT of Cartoons, more specifically the old Cartoon Network and Old Disney, not the 'New Generation'.

Some girls are health obsessed and not as in 'Anorexic' more as In 'Body Building'

The thing is no two girls are alike in what they want or do and especially not in what they think, yes girl's will be girls have the same opinions on things it does not mean we have the same mind frame.



  1. This is great blog u should carry onn x

  2. Sweet blog i was just making one with a similar name and found yours on Google, i would be interested in learning about your adventures as a teen in another part of the world.


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